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Then, slowly, she laid her hand on another sword with a blade of burnished grey. She lifted it off the wall, gripped it, and seemed to age ten years.

Vashet avoided looking at Shehyn, and handed me the sword. The guard of this one extended out slightly, curving to give a hint of protection to the hand. It was nothing like a full hand guard. Anything that bulky would render half the Ketan useless. But it looked as if it would give my fingers an extra bit of shelter, and that was appealing to me.

The warm grip settled into my palm as smoothly as the neck of my lute.

Before she could ask, I made Maiden Combs Her Hair. It felt like stretching after a long stiff sleep. I eased into Twelve Stones, and for the smallest of moments I felt graceful as Penthe looked when she fought. I made Heron Falling and it was sweet and simple as a kiss.

Vashet held out her hand to take it back from me. I didn’t want to give it up, but I did. I knew this was the worst possible time and place for me to make a scene.

Holding the sword, Vashet turned to Shehyn. “This is the one for him,” she said. And for the first time since I’d known my teacher, it was as if all the laughing had been pressed out of her. Her voice was thin and dry.

Shehyn nodded. “I agree.You have done well to find it.”

Vashet’s relief was palpable, though her face still looked somewhat stricken. “It will perhaps offset his name,” she said. She held the sword out to Shehyn.

Shehyn gestured: Refusal. “No. Your student. Your choice. Your responsibility.”

Vashet took the scabbard from the wall and sheathed the sword. Then she turned and held it out to me. “This is named Saicere.”

“Caesura?” I asked, startled by the name. Wasn’t that what Sim had called the break in the line of Eld Vintic verse? Was I being given a poet’s sword?

“Saicere,” she said softly, as if it were the name of God. She stepped back, and I felt the weight of it settle back into my hands.

Sensing something was expected of me, I drew it from its sheath. The faint ring of leather and metal seemed a whisper of its name: Saicere. It felt light in my hand. The blade was flawless. I slid it back into its sheath and the sound was different. It sounded like the breaking of a line. It said: Caesura.

Shehyn opened the inner door, and we left as we came. Silently and with respect.

IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This is the exclusive officially licensed Caesura  from "The Kingkiller Chronicle" All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by Patrick Rothfuss.  This is the first edition is 5000 pieces and each item will be engraved with the edition number.  CAESURA IS IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT.

This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.

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A great sword to cut short a pesky poem or two
Posted Dec 7th 2017 by Voltaire

If you absolutely, positively need to end a poem early, this is the sword for you. Leave your Folly at home. Start a new line, a new idea, a new poem, a new story. Don't make a mistake, though: this is a sword.

Posted Nov 21st 2017 by Peter

To put it simply, this is an excellent piece. If you are a fan of the Kingkiller Chronicle and want to own a piece of that world, you should buy this blade. If you aren't a fan, but you do like well-made, gorgeous, and fairly unique blades, you should buy this blade. You don't need to read the rest of this unless you want to, just buy it now. Okay, now the actual review. Firstly, the sword is quite well-made. The blade is straight and symmetrical, with no imperfections. The finish on it is a darker grey patina, which really makes it look like an old sword, as it is described in The Wise Man's Fear. Though the tip is quite sharp, the edges are not. I don't expect them to be, as this is intended to be a display piece (or perhaps for VERY dedicated cosplayers). If you want the sword to be more practical, you could put an edge on it, though I wouldn't really recommend it. The blade is 1040 steel, so it won't have as nice an edge as something with higher carbon content, though it would probably be less prone to chipping. The guard and the pommel are also well-made. Both are solid metal, with a beautiful brassy finish. The leather handle is very nice as well, and very comfortable to hold. The wire wrap provides a great aesthetic counterpoint to the leather, and it adds some additional grip when wielding the sword. Speaking of wielding, this piece lives up to almost exactly what I expected from the descriptions in the book. It is a light sword, about 2 to 3 pounds. The balance point is about 4 inches from the guard, which is perhaps a bit too far out, but still serviceable. The leaf-blade design concentrates more weight to the tip, increasing its effectiveness for a cut, despite the light weight. However, the balance is not so far from the guard that it takes away from a proper thrust. (It actually thrusts very well. I was surprised by how comfortable the motion was.) I am a large man (6'8"), but the handle fits even my large mitts very well for in a classic fencing grip. It's even long enough to comfortably accommodate a two-handed grip, though the short blade renders that pointless. The martial art of the Ademre has always seemed to have an Eastern flavour to it (the Ketan is basically Tai Chi), and this sword would work very well for some of the Chinese styles, though as I said above, this piece is not really intended for practical use. Overall, my one complaint is that it does not come with a scabbard, and there is not yet one available separately. In short, Caesura by Four Corners Forge is an excellent piece. It is well-made, and strikes a good balance, as it feels very practical to use, though it probably should not be used as such, nor is it meant to be. The quality is good for the price, and it will make a beautiful and unique addition to your collection, whether you are a fan of the books, or of beautiful swords.

Breathtakingly beautiful
Posted Nov 20th 2017 by Jeff

So I received my #0183 Caesura ,and I have to say that was fast . I had no idea this was available, so I jumped at the chance to get a low number . in am more impressed by this sword then I am of the Valyrian steel brand.(And I have 5 of those) The nicest feature about this sword is it's lines....what can I say they're sexy...come on a blade that has a flame shape. If you're on the fence....don't be....this is an amazing sword at a steal of a price ......and it will look amazing on your wall too

Posted Nov 14th 2017 by Rufio

This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful replicas that I have ever seen. As an avid collector of all things geek, I have to admit that this is by far my favorite collectible. It's just as I imagined it when reading "The Wise Man's Fear." Actually, it's even more beautiful than I had originally imagined. To start, the box itself is gorgeous with very neat artwork. Second, the blade itself is true to the descriptions in the novel and it looks precisely like the display photographs shown. So rest assured that you're purchasing what you're seeing. Caesura arrived in mint condition to my doorstep with absolutely no flaws whatsoever to the packaging, box, or the blade itself. I absolutely cannot wait to properly hang and display this after framing the certificate of authenticity.

Posted Nov 12th 2017 by Steven

great item, very pleased with its quality

Posted Nov 11th 2017 by James Richmond

All the other reviews speak the truth. Out of all the replica swords I own, this one is by far the best quality. The price point vs quality of this sword would make me want this sword even if I wasn't a fan of the books. I approve.

Worth the cost!
Posted Nov 9th 2017 by Tad Williams

Got this in the other day. Spectacular piece. Looks gorgeous. The blade itself is pretty decent but there are a few things that could be polished out a bit more. Mine for example had a burr of metal left on the tip and whatever they did to grey the steel has some odd blotches but these are very fine details that you really have to look for. Over all quite spectacular.

Love it.
Posted Nov 8th 2017 by Mike

Beautiful sword.

Posted Nov 6th 2017 by Seth Howell

This sword is absolutely gorgeous. They put a lot more attention into the steel than I anticipated for a 'show piece'. The leather on the grip is also gorgeous and stitched really well. There was a slight smudge on the leather from grease or an adhesive or something, but it cleaned right up with a bit of cloth and some work. I thought the images in the product description were hand picked and touched up but my sword looks exactly like the product images. its gorgeous. with one exception, the twisted wire around the leather grip is golden in the product images, but it is grey steel color on my personal sword. unsure if that is a production change that happened since the product images were shot, or if mine is different. Still looks great though All in all, I look forward to more swords by these guys, and feel good about wanting to buy another Kingkiller offering if they make more.

Posted Nov 6th 2017 by Tyler Beal

I just received my Caesura today, and am thrilled with it. Firstly, the box. I know it's a weird place to start, but I've purchased enough replica swords to know that when special care is shown even in the packaging it says a lot about the maker. Caesura is packaged properly with oils, and 2 layers of plastic to ensure it stays happily awaiting you to take it out of it's packaging. It has a plastic nib at the end, and a piece of reinforcement in the styrofoam to make sure that some hapless UPS carrier doesn't taste the fully fury of your new sword unintentionally. The mounting board that accompanies it is in it's own box which is taped as part of the styrofoam almost lego-like, in a way that made me terribly happy. The mounting board itself needs assembly, but is easy, and has little felt-feet-stickers so you're not doing overdo damage to your wall, and the metal l's to hold the sword come with plastic covers so you're not doing damage to Caesura while it hangs. So, Caesura herself. Well, to the right of this review are lovely pictures, and they are worth more than my ramblings. That said, I don't think the pictures do justice to the grey of the blade. I love the way that light plays off of it. This sword stands out among my blades as truly one of a kind. Let's talk about swinging it around. It's balance weighs towards a the end of the blade, so if I'm being honest, makes it feel slightly out of balance to me. That said, I consider this more of a show piece/ collectors items, so wasn't counting on it being a perfectly balanced sword. Also I am not part of Ademre, so for all I know, that's how they balance their weapons. I do think that they struck a wonderful balance between a show piece and functionality, and have stretched as far into functionality as they can while still making it affordable to purchase. Overall, I am well pleased to have purchased Caesura, I think it's a beautiful and wonderful realization of Kvothe's renamed beauty from The Wise Man's Fear. I would fully recommend it's purchase. * It is worth mentioning that it does not come with a scabbard, and they do not currently sell one from the Four Corners Forge as of the time of this review. So You'll have to commission one custom elsewhere, and search out a place to buy a lute, and a cloak. You'll also have to seek out your own Adem mercenary and endeavor to prove you are not a barbarian for a complete education.

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Blade: 35 inches, 1060 high carbon steel, antique patina
Overall Length 45 inches
Blade Width 2 inches
Hilt Antique brass plated handle parts, genuine leather grip
Includes Sword, Display Plaque, Certificate of Authenticity
Height 4.00
Width 12.00
Depth 45.00
Sku FCF001